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MARIMBA relies on the power of the BANJO (Bayesian Network Inference with Java Objects) system developed by Alex J. Hartemink at Duke University for Bayesian analysis. BANJO is implemented in MARIMBA in accord with the BANJO Non-Commercial Use License Agreement (2005).

"Banjo is licensed from Duke University. Copyright © 2005 by Alexander J. Hartemink. All rights reserved."

MARIMBA implements Pycluster, a freely available implementation of the C Cluster library for the Python programming language. "Copyright © 2002-2005 Michiel Jan Laurens de Hoon."

JPEG images for network topology are generated using GraphViz software from AT&T. MARIMBA implements GraphViz in accord with the GraphViz Common Public License Version 1.0.

Finally, MARIMBA implements the following technologies: PHP, MySQL, R, Perl, Python, Dojo and Java.:


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